A Lesson on Heroes

In Others on Abril 4, 2009 at 6:01 hapon

For my Rizal subject last semester, I was assigned to denigrate Rizal with Renato Constantino’s article, Veneration Without Understading. Upon reading the article, I stumbled upon this section wherein Constantino criticized the role of heroes on our nation’s history.

It didn’t create much impact in me until today. When it finally sinked in that college days are finally over, I remembered the article and what it said about the role of heroes. Well in my case, my unsung heroes.

…Rizal served his people by consciously articulating the unconscious course of events. He saw more clearly than his contemporaries and felt with more intensity the problems of his country…He was the first Filipino but he was only a limited Filipino, the ilustrado Filipino who fought for national unity but feared the Revolution and loved his mother country, yes, but in his own ilustrado way….

I remember being sad because one of the best professor in UPV has decided to seek greener pastures abroad. She has been one of the people whom I look up to, and also my source of inspiration everytime doubts regarding my capacity and the career path i have chosen are flooding me. I fondly remember her pep talks which she selflessly gives everytime we need it – freshpersons’ orientation, JPIA events, or simply when the need arises. She seems to be able to pick up the right words and put them together so beautifully that it manages to uplift every listener’s spirit and erase all the questions that were starting to set in. She was empowered by love and idealism for the university and for the country, and with that she has touched the lives of so many people without her knowing.

…But he is not a hero in the sense that he could have stopped and altered the course of events…Without Rizal there would have developed other talents…That Rizal possessed a particular talent which influenced the style of the period was accidental…If there had been no Rizal, another type of talent would have appeared who might have given a different style to the historic struggle.. 

“Naku ma’am, ano na lang kaya ang mangyayari sa UPV pagwala ka na?”

“UPV has long been standing before I was even born, and it will stand still after my death. So don’t ask me what will happen to UPV because my presence would not be prejudicial to its existence.”

These were her lines which made me remeber this article. Though I wanted to make a reply, I opted not to because I know there is no way that I can make her change her mind.

Sad but true, her words made me reminisce my 5-year journey in the university which is nearly at its end. Without her,  5 years in the Accountancy program would still have been the same – with deadlines and exams all trying to fit into your schedule and filling up some weeks. It must have been the same journey with unforgiving teahcers, terror professors, and even incompetent ones. And just like any average accountancy student, from time to time, I would still have asked myself if I have chosen the right decision to enroll in the course. I would still have joined in the same organizations and become one of the active student leaders of my time. My set of friends would probably be the same, and i would have remained the same class clown ready with the best punchlines for every situation.

It may have been the same even without her.

When you look at the whole picture of my college life, my professor would only represent a spec in the canvas. A dot in the whole lot, maybe, but this dot has become one of the most significant forces in my journey. It was a long ride, but it was easier because of her. It was more memorable, fun, and challenging yet substantial and full of learnings at the same time. This dot, yes, has made all the difference.

I stand in the ground opposite of where Renato Constantino stands. Because a hero, though accidental most of the time, is never insignificant in a nation’s history – in our history for that matter. A man may have not have caused change in the way events turned out, but his power to touch the lives of many and to be of great inspiration is way better than to have provoked such change. An inspiration planted in one’s heart, coupled by the right idealism,  is by far the best way of catalyzing change. Change does not start in an instant nor in a people; rather, it starts as a tiny flame in one’s heart, kindled by passion, which urges him to create change in himself in the hopes of changing the society.

The next set of aspiring accountants would enroll at the university next semester. We may not have the same tuition fee rates, but I’m sure that they will have the same hell weeks flooded by deadlines and exams. They will have to endure the same sleepless nights studying for the exams and experience being awake for 36 hours  just to finish a paper. They will hate the same unreasonable and despicable teachers and back bite them every after class. They might join in the same organizations that have once added some hues to our already colorful life. They might have the same journey.

But then again, maybe not. They will not have her for their freshmen orientation pep talk, making them less proud to be a part of a premier university. They will not have her as organization adviser, which leaves them to other professors who don’t really care about student organizations after all. She would not be there to pat the backs of those who are losing hope in the battle for the retention policy, and her words of great wisdom would not be heard anymore by those who are in doubt even with their own abilities. Most especially, when everyone questions their passing the board exam, even they themselves, she will not be there to offer the same video presentation of songs and inspiring stories of average people who have succeeded. When clouded by the many distractions faced by one CPA board reviewee, she would not be there to tell you “FOCUS!” and make you realize by asking you that unending question, “WHAT CONSUMES YOU?”

These little details may be skipped when I tell you the story of my college life, but these same little details were my stepping stones to the finish line. They made me want to continue fighting in the battle, they made me survive, and they brought me to victory.

Thank you so much MA’AM MARIEL!

We will miss you!!!

  1. Beys muna…kelangan ng mahabang panahon sa nosebleed post na to lolz. weyt lang inom lang kong tubig.

    hahaha.. adik.. bumwelo pa talaga eh

  2. Ang lalim…dinugo ako..muntik na ko makunan lolz. Pero ganyang ganyan din ako nung nag-aaral ako eh. Sa sobrang taas nga ng tingin ko sa mga iilang “matitinong” pofessors na nagkaron ako. Ni hindi ko binalak maging teacher kasi..bukod sa may stage fright ako..mukhang di ko kaya yung kakaibang level ng dedication nila. Pero masarap yung feeling na just by being yourself eh meron mga estudyanteng nakaka-appreciate na kagaya mo sa mga katulad ni Ma’am Mariel.

    Congrats jhaynee babe..gradweyt ka na sa wakas. weeeee

    oo nga mommy. at long last.. nagpay off ang paggapang ko.. hehehe.. lam mo bang gusto kong magkaroon ng article sa newspaper? wala lang.. hehehe.. trying hard frustrated writer ako eh

  3. *** teka punasan ko muna yung dugo sa ilong ko

    basically, being able to graduate is already an achievement. but being able to graduate and looked back to thank those person who helped you reach your goal is a something a lot bigger.
    and .. uhmm.. err… basically, ahmmm… maybe because.. uhmm. yeah thanks.

    hahaha!!! beauty pageant ba ito?! kala ko may “my pamili.. hahaha… my pamily”

  4. An institution will remain as it is, even if many will leave. But i agree about the difference a certain individual can make. Prof. Elizaga has been so influential to many UPV students. However, knowing that we have these kinds of sentiments on her leaving for a good life abroad, some might strive to do the same for the good of the University. Let’s just wish Mam Mariel a very good life ahead as much as she wishes one for all of us!

    i am happy for her.. an i hope she finds happiness in her next journey.. its just sad that she has to leave…

  5. been a long time since nakabisita ako sa blog mo.. nkakalungkot talaga.. nway.. congrats peeoi… im so proud of you…=D

  6. kalungkot naman…..pero ang pananaw ng isang hero ay lumalawak na…with globalization…minsan namamatay na rin ang nasyonalismo…….kaya ang mga bagong bayani…wala na sa sariling bansa…..ayun oh …..sa mga plaza ng europe….middle east at asia……sila…kahit ano pa man ang kanilang dahilan….ang mga bagong bayani….

    oo nga eh.. at natural sa tao ang maghanap ng mga bagay na mas mabuti kesa sa kung anong meron siya ngayon.. pare-pareho lang naman tayong lahat na nangangarap

  7. Dugo ilong at mata ko wahahaha.

    I’m sure pinag-isipang mabuti ni Ma’am Mariel ‘to, naguluhan din siguro sya at nakailang toss sya ng coin para makapagdecide. I hate goodbyes pero we have to accept na that’s a part of our life.

    Pag may umalis, may dadating.

    Congrats sa iyong pagtatapos, this is not the end but only the beginning of a new journey..

    Hamishuuuu sister! Lablabs!!!

    i miss you too sis!!! im gonna be back soon..

  8. Hello,

    Well2x… At long last… my bagong post ka nanaman……………..

    Tagal2x din na di ka nakapost miss……………….

    Bago ang lahat I congratulate you to your success. You’ve made it after all. new life and new challenges to face but tell you what take your life easy.

    HmmMmmm……. The article….seeeeeeee…tsk2x

    so dramatic…….so frustrating(To read)(JOKE2)….. so emotional(medyo)(hehehehe)….

    Well anyway…. It’s nice to thank people who help you in your life…. utang na loob kung baga…. but it’s sad na marami nang pinagdaanan then bigla na lang magpart ang ways… well i guess it’s hard for the part but even if ganun good memories are there….. cguro naman anjan pa naman sa heart mo nakdikit e…loyalista ka naman diba…( Anu ba to bakit nagdradrama ako nacarried away ako ah……..haaay……. nanjan na yan eh…..)

    HmmmmmMMMMMM…..Newspaper publishing??????

    Why not????pwede naman yan cguro inquire na lang kaya sa sun…. push yourself to the limit….(langya parang Counselor ako ah) wahahahaha…

    well anyway goodluck and godbless to your new life….


    Hangang sa muli…. sign out na muna ako… hanagang sa susunod mo na lang na post….:)

  9. wow.daw hindi ko magpati.ma’am mariel touched lives of the students in UPV. Mamiss gid sya sang tanan.Tani makavisit sya sa amon and say goodbye bag o sya mag out of the country.lets just keep in touch sa iya. I’m sure she’ll miss us.hehe

  10. Hello Guys,

    It’s quite nice to know Mariel touched your lives the way she did mine, almost 10 years ago … Gawd, I’m old ….

    Please send my kisses to Ma’am Tagamolila and Ma’am Villareal …


  11. Miss na miss na miss na kita! Goodluck sa review. Lahat ng ginagawa mo ngayon ay siguradong may magandang kapalit. Tyaga lang! Mwah mwah! Pero sad pa din ako kasi…wala ka!

  12. first of all, renato constantino is a shmuck. he judged rizal by his standards, by his very idea of nationalism. he forgot to place into context the reasons why he didn’t opt for a revolution. mr. constantino failed to recognize the concept of nation-buliding prevalent on that period. rizal was educated in europe and so his way of approaching the problems of the filipinos would certainly be in a manner that is civilized, diplomatic and pacifist, a manner that is decisively evading all efforts to war and barbarism. one cannot blame rizal if he acted as his good education dictates. He was formed that way and he acted the best he could with that formation to bring the best for our country, without leading us to a war he knew we won’t win.

    God bless!ü

  13. nice artic.

    i have the same subject also way back my college years. when my professor asked me if i have to change our national hero, who would it be then.

    i answered it would be pacquiao.

    – bloghopping –

  14. “oo nga mommy. at long last.. nagpay off ang paggapang ko.. hehehe.. lam mo bang gusto kong magkaroon ng article sa newspaper? wala lang.. hehehe.. trying hard frustrated writer ako eh”

    Naku eh kayang kaya mo yan babe. I’m sure mgagawa mo yan pero first things first. Unahin mo nuna yang pagre-review. Once nakapasa ka na dyan. Mapu-pursue mo na din iba mo pang goals. Ikaw pa sobrang talino..mana sa kin ahehe.

    Sorry wrong timing ka kanina, sakit ulo ko kaka-out ko lang nung nag-PM ka. Tulog na ko nun huhuhu. I miss you na sobra. Good luck sa yo. Ingat ka lagi. Labyu!

  15. Rizal days…
    Naku… parang celebrity dati si Rizal sa class namin..
    everyday kung anik anik na isyu ang punagsasabi ng instructor namin sa kanya…
    kung buhay lng si Rizal siguro di na siya tatantanan ng mga showbiz talk shows…hahaha
    daming intriga eh…

  16. pssst…ka graduate ka na?he he he.dugay na ko wala kapuli dah.bleh.
    Rizal was always been my icon/hero. Not because pareho kami ng bday, but because of the lessons he imparted. He was the one who push me to learn spanish at the early young age, kahit indi kami close. ha ha ha..
    anyway, school will always take a part in our hearts, and in the middle of it are the teachers who made the stay so painfuly enjoyable. Congrats and kita kita nalang tayu sa finals.

    wa ka na ga bisata. che!

    bw. wala gani di bg.o sa blog ko. gareview ko subong. sa sunod lang ko liwat ma active sa blogging kung kapasar na ko sa board.. hehehe

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