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A Lesson on Heroes

In Others on Abril 4, 2009 at 6:01 hapon

For my Rizal subject last semester, I was assigned to denigrate Rizal with Renato Constantino’s article, Veneration Without Understading. Upon reading the article, I stumbled upon this section wherein Constantino criticized the role of heroes on our nation’s history.

It didn’t create much impact in me until today. When it finally sinked in that college days are finally over, I remembered the article and what it said about the role of heroes. Well in my case, my unsung heroes.

…Rizal served his people by consciously articulating the unconscious course of events. He saw more clearly than his contemporaries and felt with more intensity the problems of his country…He was the first Filipino but he was only a limited Filipino, the ilustrado Filipino who fought for national unity but feared the Revolution and loved his mother country, yes, but in his own ilustrado way…. Basahin ang karugtong nitong lahok »