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things that make me REALLY happy

In Others on Pebrero 24, 2008 at 3:57 hapon

i’ve been given this great blessing of being happy everyday. being able to laugh endlessly and paint smiles on other people’s faces has actually been a daily habit.

there are, however, things which can make me happy in a whole new level. bliss that cannot be measured by any smile on the face, but rather on the beating of the heart.

the following have the power to overwhelm my being with joy more than any other joke or punch line can. this is what i call “inner happiness”.

note: they are not arranged according to any criteria; just the first thing that comes to mind..

1. sunsets

no matter where i am or who im with, sunsets never fail to amaze me. i always spare a few seconds to appreciate it and thank god for making something as wonderful. best thing about sunsets is the irridiscence – the change of colors… clouds changing into deep red, pink or orange.. hmmm… breathtaking.. the best sunset in the city is in Fort San Pedro… so far… hehehe… and its better to share the view with a good friend and some good conversation.. =)

2. pedicab rides

the wind on your face, the sight of everything you pass by, and even the slow movement of the pedicab. all worth your 5 pesos. hehehe…

3. babies

i love talkative children. those who range from 2-4 years old.. seeing them play and do things innocently reminds me of how things used to be – simple. i miss the simple life, simple problems, simple solutions, simple everything. being with children somehow gives me the liberty to be my old innocent self again. carefree, careless, trusting and fearless.

4. christmas songs

i’ve been planning to buy a cd of christmas songs but i tend to forget everytime i have the chance. i’ve always had this excitement for christmas. family reunions, gift givings and one good reason to take a break from the hustle of the city life. no other season can bring so much love in the air like christmas can. these songs never fail to touch and warm my heart every single time. christmas season or not.

5. long jeepney rides

i love long jeepney rides!!! just the ones in the city of course. the ones going to the towns are stressful. they give you body pains and headache. hehehe. well you see, i’ve been able to think and brainstorm properly when i ride in jeepneys. i can’t read or study, of course, but long jeepney rides are good venues for me to think of my next meeting’s agenda or details of another project. i don’t know if its the wind or the strangers or the sights. maybe a bit of everything, especially the fact that i’m alone. try it yourself.

6. old couples walking hand in hand

love has been taken for granted nowadays. everybody’s talking about it, but i doubt if they know what they’re talking about. seeing old couples gives me hope that true and long-lasting love still exists. that there is something real behind all these mundane temptations. there is something to look forward to and to hope for. it still exists… =) i hope i get to end up like them too.

7. doing good deeds to strangers (unbelievable as it may seem, but yes, i do that)

doing good deeds to strangers feels better than doing it with someone you know. and all i need to make me feel better is a smile from them. sometimes they forget to say thank you, so a smile is enough. =)

8. beaches

beach bum!!! ever since i was a child, i’ve always been excited to have my summer vacations in San Joaquin. number 1 reason, swimming in the beach everyday. 7:00 am – 10:00 for every single day of the summer. my neighbors would fetch me at home, and we’d all go together to the beach. by neighbors i mean 10 – 20 kids. whooooooow!!! yeah, super true. super fun!!! =)
we’d play in the sand and build mini lakes and sand castles, and when we get tired of all those “building”, cause it still gets eroded anyway, we throw sand balls on each other’s back.. hmmmm… damn it hurts! but you have to act tough even if the pain is killing you already.. it gives you the “astig” aura… “waaa! indi sakit!!!” (remember those days when you said that too?) hehehe.. i learned to swim because of them too. when you play catch in the water and you can’t swim, you better not play anymore. dream on. those and lots more stuff. when i got back to school, i’m super… uhmmmm… “tan”. but no biggy, all the teasing was worth it all. i didnt care anyway. i knew their summers were all bummers compared to mine.

9. star gazing

my favorite shape is a star. maybe because im born to be one.. joke! hehehe.. it started when i was in grade 1 and we had a star gazing activity in school.. people from PAG-ASA brought telescopes and we all get to see the stars and planets.. it was pretty amazing for a first-timer. eversince, i’ve always had this fascination for the heavenly bodies. my zodiac sign is the best constellation!! hehehe.. it forms a letter J in the sky and its visible during summer at around 8pm.. (scorpio) super visible, you won’t need a star map.. =)

10. intimate conversations

chismosa ba ako? no.. not really.. but i just love the feeling of having someone to trust and being trusted. its quite rare nowadays.. conversations from old friends or even a stranger.. its nice to know somehting more about someone.. it makes you learn more about yourself too, and it opens your mind to wider possibilities. most importantly, it slowly erodes your idealism and it creates maturity on your part, because you have been faced with reality that some situations are indeed not just for telelseryes.

all the simple things in the world..

that’s all i need..

that’s all WE need..


what i want to call a MID-SEASONS CRISIS

In Others on Pebrero 12, 2008 at 11:30 umaga

this is the loneliest moment of a single’s life…

right after christmas-when all the thoughtfull gift giving has ended.

just before valentines-when all the romance has suddenly oozed out of everyone’s flesh.

it creates a pressure.

i dont know why.

but every heart seems to be longing for affection.

a rose to smell, chocolates to splurge into, gift to give, love letters to read, cards to send, and all those gazillion methods of showing “love”.

not to mention another season of entrepreneurial possibilities, having feb14 coming near seems to have this automatic effect of making people feel that they, somehow, need someone to spend this day with.

wierd, but true.

you’d probably say im just too hopeless romantic, or too romantically deprived (??? hehehe) to say this..

but i know, even just for a single moment in this mid-seasons crisis, you thought about it too..

admit it..

even just to yourself..